Beatrice Bunny Rabbit PDF Applique Template by Molly and Mama

Introducing the ‘Beatrice Bunny’ Applique Template

Easter has really snuck up on me this year! Being in sunny Australia, we head away to the beach for a break during the Autumn school holidays. So I am madly trying to complete all the projects I have on my list. Today I made my little Miss a new Easter t-shirt using my latest PDF appliqué template, Beatrice Bunny!

Beatrice Bunny Easter t-shirt tutorial by Molly and Mama

I really love this design. It’s the smiley face and the pretty colours that appeal to me I think! I’ve made a few items with this pattern and have plans to create a lot more. But you can always give it a go yourself!

This printable PDF template is available as an instant download in my ETSY STORE. After you make a purchase, you receive a link to download the pattern onto your computer. You can then print the template and instructions as many times as you like! You can also adjust your printer settings to create bunnies in a whole range of sizes too.

Beatrice Bunny PDF Applique Template by Molly and Mama

I love to appliqué on t-shirts, but you could use this pattern for anything; Easter place mats, hoop art, quilting;, whatever you like.

Beatrice Bunny PDF Applique Pattern by Molly and Mama

The pattern comes with images and full instructions, but for more appliqué tips and tricks, you can also pop by HERE.

What are you making for Easter? I’d love to hear all about it.

Happy Easter and happy stitching! Lauren x


Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 11

Make an Easy Felt Bunny

Would you like to whip up a super cute, easy, chocolate-free Easter treat? This little felt bunny template and tutorial was originally designed for Issue 10 of Tickle the Imagination Magazine. It’s so simple to stitch.

Download the pattern HERE and save it so that you can print it whenever you like.

You will need;

-       a piece of felt in your choice of colours

-       a printed copy of the included ‘felt bunny’ pattern

-       cotton embroidery thread in your choice of coordinating or contrasting colour

-       an embroidery needle

-       wadding or stuffing

-       sewing pins

-       scissors

-       35 cm of pretty narrow ribbon or trim

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 1

Step 1 – Cutting out your bunny

Cut out your printed bunny pattern following the black outline. Fold your piece of felt over and pin the bunny pattern in place (through both layers of felt).

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 2

Cut carefully around the bunny template. Remove your pattern (and save for later) and pin your cut out bunny together.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 3

Step 2 – Stitching Time

Thread your needle with two strands of embroidery cotton and secure the ends with a knot. Stitch around the outside of your bunny using the following guidelines; Start at the back of his head (so that any untidy stitching can be covered with the neck bow added at the end).

Use a ‘blanket stitch’ to keep the felt neat. However, if you are new to hand stitching, an ‘overcast stitch’ will work just as well. If you have a young one trying their hand at stitching, start with a ‘running stitch’.

TIP – If you need help here, there are some wonderful images and video tutorials posted online that can easily illustrate the stitching process for you.

Depending on the length of your thread, you will probably need to re-thread your needle with more embroidery cotton, more than once.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 4

Stop stitching about three centimetres before you meet up with where you began. Don’t finish off your stitch though, and make sure you leave the thread where it is, so you can finish off the stitching after you add the stuffing.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 5

 Step 3 – Stuffing the Bunny

Carefully and gently manoeuvre small pieces of stuffing inside the bunny. A chop stick or knitting needle is a great tool for this! Fill the ears and head first, then the feet and body.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 6

Add little pieces at a time until the bunny is evenly stuffed. Pick up your needle and thread again and continue to stitch the bunny closed, making sure you secure the stitching with a couple of extra stitches at the end. You should now have a lovely little stuffed bunny, or two, or three (if you’re loving them as much as me!).

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 7

Step 4 – Finishing Off

To finish off your bunny, tie a pretty bow around his neck. Trim the ribbon ends to the right length, once the bow is complete. It’s also a good idea to heat seal the ribbon ends so they don’t fray.

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial by Molly and Mama 9

If being used by small children, it’s best to secure the tied bow with some strong stitches to prevent the ribbon being removed during play. Now your little bunny is all ready for Easter!

Tips and Tricks

-       100% wool felt is more expensive but will give your little bunny longevity for lots of play.

-       Enlarge the pattern to create a range of bunnies in different sizes. Use different colours of felt, thread and bows in coordinating tones. Perfect for creating an Easter centrepiece!

Easy Felt Bunny Tutorial 2014 by Molly and Mama

What could be simpler? I can’t wait to see your bunnies, so feel free to share your creations over on the Molly and Mama Facebook Page.

Happy Easter and Happy stitching! Lauren x

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama

Easter Wishes – the Easter Collection Shoot

To me, Easter has always been one of the most exciting holidays. As a child I would relish the beautiful colours of the season, the sensory delights, the anticipation.

Easter Confection by Molly and Mama

Just the thought of that gorgeous Bunny popping into our garden was always enough to keep me up for hours, hoping to catch a glimpse.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 8

And Easter morning was always filled with homemade goodness and chocolate delight. It’s the memories of childhood Easters that provided the inspiration for this collection and collaborative photo shoot.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 7

Originally, the Molly and Mama Easter collection for 2013 was little more than a dream, a scrap of an idea, a few colour swatches and a sketch or two in my notebook. Naturally I was drawn to the pastel shades for Easter and chocolate brown was always a given.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 5

But the pink and green shades really call to me, and so I began a plan to incorporate these beautiful colours into a collection of dresses, skirts, appliquéd t-shirts, bonnets and accessories.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 1

As the pieces came together, the vision for the shoot began to emerge. All those things we associate with Easter became a source of inspiration – bunnies and bonnets, chocolate and chickens, pretty bows and special clothes. But how was I going to bring these ideas to life?

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 9

Luckily I knew a natural light photographer who could share my vision. I sat down with Melissa from MiaMia Photography and the creative juices began to flow. From little cardboard cut out bunnies, to sweet little bantam chicks, we dreamed up some creative and inspiring ideas. The stage was set!

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 4

A beautiful paddock with pleasantly rural surrounds was just moments from my front door. It provided a wonderful back-drop for the photos. Our two gorgeous little models could barely contain their excitement as we set the scene on the day.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 11

It was late afternoon and the sun was starting to dip. The light flowed across the grass touching everything in its path. It lit up the girls and brought warmth to their faces.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 15

And in what felt like a blur of sunshine and smiles, the shoot was over. It was a wrap. And although we captured just a little bit of Easter magic, it will stay with me always. It was just like going back to the Easters of my childhood. Seeing the look of sheer delight and joy on our little models’ faces was a dream come true!

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 6

This sweet story and beautiful collection of images first appeared in Tickle The Imagination Magazine. The feature titled ‘Easter Wishes’ begins on page 132 of the online version of the Celebrations Issue 10, 2013.

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 12

I had so much fun putting this beautiful collection together. It was such a wonderful pleasure to make every single piece; from the applique tees, to the skirts, dresses, tutu, bonnet, and hair accessories. A labour of love!

Easter Collection 2013 by Molly and Mama 13

How do you celebrate Easter each year? Do you have any beautiful traditions or creations to share? I’d love to see them. Happy stitching, Lauren x

'Doll Face' Applique Template Pattern by Molly and Mama

Introducing the Molly and Mama ‘Doll Face’ Appliqué Template

I’ve always loved sketching and stitching, so it made sense that I would also enjoy designing. When I returned to sewing a few years ago, I started with appliqué. I loved the hand stitching that was involved. It was therapeutic and relaxing. But I couldn’t find templates and patterns that fitted in the with the projects I had in mind. So I sketched my own.

Since that time I have created a couple of appliqué templates that I really love and I’ve worked hard to turn them into user-friendly PDF patterns. You can find them in my ETSY store. Whilst I list ready-made items in my own store, I love the instant download function that ETSY provides. It means that you don’t have to wait for your patterns. You can print them out at home and get stitching as soon as you wish. This is such a benefit for impulsive sewers like me. It’s nice to be able to start a project as soon as you’re feeling inspired!

My PDF appliqué templates provide a pictorial pattern and step-by-step instructions for raw edge, hand-cut, hand-placed and hand-stitched appliqué. These aren’t projects for embroidery machine enthusiasts. They’re written with beginners in mind, and explain how to trace, place, secure and stitch your appliqué using blanket stitch (by hand, or on your average sewing machine).

Today, I wanted to introduce you to my ‘Doll Face’ pattern. This pattern provides a template for a cute dolly face shape, and three alternatives for girly hair, plus one for boy’s short hair too. I’ve made countless t-shirts with this pattern. It has been one of my best selling designs. If you’d like to make a purchase you can find it HERE.

'Doll Face with Ponytail' by Molly and Mama

These templates are sized for use on t-shirts for young children. Don’t you just love that smile?

A 'Doll Face' set by Molly and Mama

But I’ve also had lots of fun using them for other projects. It works perfectly for a hoop art wall hanging. Here I’ve used wool felt instead of quilters cotton. And I’ve left the little pigtails loose.

'Doll Face' Hoop Art by Molly and Mama

I also made a few adjustments to the pattern to create this hoop art too.

'Doll Face' with pigtails by Molly and Mama

I think her little hanging plaits are adorable. I just cut strips of wool felt and plaited them, secured them with some hand stitching and added some bows.

I guess that’s the benefit of having a PDF template to work off. You can change it to suit your needs. You can adjust the printer settings to make it smaller or larger. You can save it and print it as many times as you like. You’ll always have a copy.

You can create cute boy’s faces too. I just left off the eye lashes for a more masculine look!

'Smiling Sam' Applique by Molly and Mama

Once you have the templates to work from, it’s just a matter of perfecting your appliqué technique. You can hand blanket stitch, or use your sewing machine to secure the appliqué with a straight stitch, satin stitch or blanket stitch. Which ever method you choose, I have also written some useful tips and tricks to help you along the way.

You can read more about the basics of appliqué with pictorial instructions HERE. I have also provided some free templates for use. Simply save them and print them to your required size. There’s a DEER TEMPLATE HERE and a HEART TEMPLATE HERE.

What are your favourite appliqué designs? I can’t wait to share my new patterns with you. There’s an adorable Easter Bunny ‘Miss Beatrice’ coming really soon, and you can also meet Mabel Mushroom, Katie Koala, Sleepy Cloud, and Little Miss Red in the coming months. I’d love to hear what you think.

Happy stitching, Lauren x

Lucky Pin Cushion - with felt four leaf clover  Molly and Mama

Make a Lucky Pin Cushion

I have to confess that I’m a little bit addicted to the humble pin cushion! There are just so many ways to make them beautiful! Click HERE to see a few I’ve created in the past. Pop by my Pinterest Pin Cushion Album HERE. And I even have a cute pattern available HERE.

Here’s a simple and sweet pin cushion project that you can stitch up in no time. These make the perfect gift for a crafty friend and are a great way to use up your fabric scraps, and lace and trim remnants. At 4″ x 6″ they’re a handy size, but you can make them in any dimensions you wish.

I’ve added a sweet wool felt ‘four-leaf clover’ (for a bit of added luck). So this tutorial is great for a Saint Patrick’s themed project too. If you’d like make your own four-leaf clover, you can see the tutorial HERE.

Let’s get started.


  • Fabric scraps for the front and back. I used two pieces measuring about 5″ x 7″.
  • Trim for the front (5″ in length). I used some vintage cotton lace from my mum’s stash, and a left over remnant of pink ric rac.
  • Stuffing. I used hobby fill. Many use soft steel wool as it is great to help keeps pins sharp.
  • Wool felt (if you want to add a clover)
  • pretty buttons, flowers, bows and bits. Use up some goodies from your stash. Try different combinations together to get your prefered look. I didn’t end up using everything I chose in the beginning.
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle, thread and scissors

Gather your pin cushion supplies

Arrange your trims on the ‘right’ side of your top pin cushion fabric piece. Pin them down and stitch them in place on the sewing machine using coordinating thread.

Stitch on your trim

Place your two pin cushion pieces with their right sides together, and pin in place. Stitch a seam around three sides leaving one open for stuffing. I used a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Trim your excess seam allowance with pinking shears or scissors on the three sides you stitched. Trim away the corners (being careful not to cut your stitching). This helps the pin cushion sit neatly. Turn it out the correct way.

Press your pin cushion and press your side seam allowance under. You’ll use it as a guide for hand stitching.

Stitch front to back

Stuff your pin cushion firmly. Use the point of your closed scissors to gently manoeuvre stuffing into the corners.

Stuff your pin cushion

Double the thread on your needle and secure the end with a knot. Using a neat and small ladder stitch, sew up the seam of your pin cushion.

Stitch the opening closed

Now it’s time to decorate! I carefully stitched on my felt clover, crochet flower and ribbon bow with carefully hidden stitches. I then used hot glue to attach my resin flower and diamante button.

Add your adornments

Add your sewing pins and you are all good to go!

Lucky Pin Cushion for St Patrick's Day


  • Some people love to stuff pin cushions with soft steel wool as it helps keep your pins sharp.
  • You can also add sand to your pin cushions to help give it weight.
  • Use an extra piece of fabric to double your pin cushion top. The two layers on the top give it extra durability.

I’d love to see your pin cushions! So feel free to share your own projects. And let me know if you have some other great tips and tricks for our readers.

Happy stitching, Lauren.

DIY Felt Four Leaf Clover for St Patrick's Day - Molly and Mama.jpg

Make a Felt Four Leaf Clover

I don’t know about you, but I love the traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day. I love the idea of spreading luck and goodwill around. And it’s always fun to create something associated with luck.

This little felt four-leaf clover is so easy to make and can be used to adorn anything! It’s a great starter project for young sewers too.

- Use the cover image as a guide for this project.

- Cut out 4 one inch squares of green wool felt.

- Fold each square in half and cut a little scallop in the top of each piece using small sharp scissors. You’ll end up with two semi-circles at the top of each piece.

- Thread a needle with green thread and stitch three small running stitches across the base of each piece of felt.

- Gently pull the thread to gather the felt.

- Secure the felt in place with some extra stitches. I like to stitch through each gathered piece again, just to be sure the gathering doesn’t come loose.

- Use your little clover as a decoration. They’re perfect for hair accessories and home decor.

Felt Four Leaf Clover by Molly and Mama

I used my clover to decorate what I now call my lucky pin cushion! You can see the tutorial HERE.

Lucky Pin Cushion for St Patrick's Day

Do you celebrate Saint Patrick’s day? What sorts of traditions do you have, or what activities do you do at home? I’d love you to share your ‘lucky’ creations too.

Happy stitching, Lauren.

Pretty Pillowcase Tutorial || for

Little Girl’s Bedroom Makeover – Tutorial Series

Welcome to the very first post about my ‘Little Girl’s Bedroom Makeover’ series! I’m writing a selection of tutorials for the lovely Deanna at SewMcCool, and I thought it would be a beautiful idea to share how I’m ‘making over’ my daughter’s bedroom. She’s four going on 21!  I have realised that I’ll have a very small window of opportunity to create her a pretty and precious bedroom set that we both adore. I’m fairly certain that in a few years time, she’ll be begging me to update the look again (and it might not be something we can both agree on). So I’m taking advantage of the fact that we both like similar things at the moment, and I can only pray it stays that way for a while!

I bought a beautiful quilt kit a few years back, and I’ve been meaning to do something with it ever since. I felt like this was the perfect opportunity. So I’m using the fabrics to inspire my colour palette.

Fabric Inspiration || Molly and Mama

I’ve also been collecting inspiration on Pinterest. I can lose hours browsing on there! If you’d like to follow my ‘Girls Bedroom Ideas’ album you can click HERE.

A few years ago, my mum created the most stunning nursery set when we found out I was expecting a daughter (the first grand-daughter too). It was frilly and pretty, floral and sweet. She created every piece, except the cot quilt (my very first quilting project).

Handmade Nursery Decor - Molly and Mama

So in keeping with that theme, I’ve planned a similar version. We’ll be making a complete bedroom set, including a pillowcase, a pillow sham, cushion covers, a bed runner, embroidered hoop art, a hair clip holder and more. We’ll even look at some quilt ideas.

For my first tutorial, I selected some adorable fabrics and trims.

Selection of trims || Molly and Mama

And I decided to start with something simple but beautiful. So I put together a very easy to follow tutorial explaining how to create a pretty pillowcase using lace and trims. You can create your own by following all the steps in my tutorial at SewMcCool.

Pillowcase with trims tutorial || for

The tutorial is written for an American audience though, so if you’re sewing here in Australia you will need to adjust the pillowcase size. Our standard pillowcases are about 50cm x 75cm or 20″ x 30″. But it’s really easy to tweak the measurements. If you have any questions, just let me know.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the next tutorial with you too, and hope you can sew along with me. I’d love to see what you create, so please share your projects! Happy stitching, Lauren.