Spring Posy Flowers by Molly and Mama

A new Spring Project

This is such a wonderful time of year in Australia. And there’s nothing better than Spring time in my home town. We have a beautiful flower festival and all the local parks and gardens get involved. The flowers are so spectacular that you can’t help but be inspired!

Spring Inspiration from Molly and MamaNow I’m no photographer, but I have recently bought myself a digital SLR, and I have been trying to get out and about to practise getting better. It’s the perfect time of year here!

Spring Inspiration from Molly and MamaI think that poppies and bees make pretty good subjects! Don’t you?

Spring Inspiration from Molly and MamaWith so many stunning blooms around, I found myself drawn to my wool felt collection. I’ve been dreaming of creating some pretty felt flowers for a while. So I got crafting!

Felt Flower Blooms by Molly and MamaI created some basic flowers and then added some pretty embellishments.

Embellished Felt Flowers by Molly and MamaI used them for a couple of projects. One was to create this really sweet ‘Pretty Posy’ pin cushion for Sew McCool. You can follow the tutorial HERE.

Pretty Posy Pin Cushion tutorial - Molly and Mama for Sew McCoolThe other was to sew this adorable flower crown or wreath. I’ll be including a tutorial for this project very soon!

Spring Felt Flower Crown by Molly and Mama

Image by MiaMia PhotographyBut before I do that I have to get back out in the garden to water all my lovely blooms. It’s already warming up so much here!

But before I do that I have to get back out in the garden to water all my lovely blooms. It’s already warming up so much here!

Flower inspiration from Molly and MamaI hope you have a lovely weekend, wherever you are in this amazing world of ours. And I hope you’ve enjoyed having a little peek into mine. 

Happy creating, Lauren x

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Make a Sleepy Cloud Pin Topper by Molly and Mama

Make a Sleepy Cloud Pin Topper

I had so much fun creating this adorable little pin topper to go with the latest pattern in the Molly and Mama range – the Sleepy Cloud Pin Cushion! If you’d like to make the pin cushion, you can purchase your pattern HERE at the special introductory price! And keep reading for details on how to create the FREE matching little ‘cloud pin topper’. It’s only 1.5″ wide!

Sleepy Cloud Felt Pin Cushion Pattern by Molly and Mama

It seems like there are clouds everywhere at the moment. And I wanted to make my own little cloud that’s inspired by such a sweet trend. So I created this adorable pin cushion pattern. I’ve also created a cloud applique template and she compliments the pin cushion design perfectly. You can pick her up in the STORE now.

The SLEEPY CLOUD is one of my favourite felt creations. I just love working with 100% wool felt (you can read why here). And I also love making pin cushions!

If you’d like to create the tiny little pin topper to match the pin cushion, here are the instructions;

Make a Sleepy Cloud Pin Topper by Molly and Mama


You will need;

  • two pieces of white wool felt measuring 2″ (5cm) wide x 1″ (2.5cm) wide
  • a sewing pin
  • small amount of polyfill stuffing
  • narrow ribbon for the tiny bow
  • embroidery needle and floss.  I used a single strand of white, light brown and pale pink
  • a print out of the template, which you can find HERE
  • sewing pins
  • scissors with short sharp blades

Lets Get Stitching

Sleepy Cloud Pin Cushion Topper by Molly and Mama

1. Print out your template being sure to avoid changing the print size settings. You’ll know your template is the correct size by using the one inch square guide on the template. Cut around the cloud shape leaving a small border around the outline.

2. Pin the template onto one of your pieces of felt. Cut out the cloud shape by following the line on the template. It’s easier to cut the felt this way when you’re working with such small pieces.

3. Place your second piece of felt behind the first piece, and use the first cloud shape as an outline for cutting your second cloud shape. It’s easier than cutting the clouds out together, as the pieces are just too small.

4. Thread your embroidery needle with one strand of light brown embroidery floss. Use back stitch to hand embroider some simple eyes on one piece of your white felt. Use the photo as a guide. Change the floss to pale pink and use a few back stitches to create a smiling mouth. Don’t forget to secure your stitches and trim the floss when you’re done.

5. Lay the embroidered cloud felt piece over the second piece. Using a single strand of white embroidery floss, whip stitch the two cloud pieces together. Start at the bottom middle of the cloud (where the pin will stick out). Stitch around the perimeter, until you’re about a centimetre from the start.

6. Take tiny amounts of poly fill, ball them up and gently push them inside the cloud to fill it. Use the end of your closed scissors to help manoeuvre the poly fill around. Once the cloud has a good shape, insert the head end of your pin into the cloud. Make sure it’s surrounded with poly fill.

7. Continue your whip stitching where you left off, to close the stuffing hole and secure the pin. Secure your stitching and trim away the excess floss.

8. Take your narrow ribbon and tie a tiny bow around the pin. Trim the ends and heat seal them if you wish.

How easy was that?

If you’d like some more cloud inspiration, head to my Pinterest board for more ideas! You can also sew another lovely felt pin cushion using the instructions HERE. It’s a sweet pear with a tiny bird pin topper. So easy, but super adorable!

Make a Felt Pear Pin Cushion ~ Tutorial by Molly and Mama

Or you can try Miss Molly. Her pattern in available HERE.

Miss Molly pin cushion PDF pattern by Molly and Mama

Thanks for being here to share another tutorial! I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Feel free to share your creations on the Molly and Mama facebook page.

Happy stitching! Lauren x

This post was written by Lauren Wright and appeared first on http://www.MollyandMama.wordpress.com

Sew a Pretty Pillowcase | a tutorial by Molly and Mama

Make a Pretty Pillowcase

Welcome to the Little Girl’s Bedroom Makeover Series. In this series we’ll be creating a whole range of pretty pieces for a girly bedroom, including pillowcases, pillow shams, cushion covers, embroidered hoop art, a hair clip holder and more. So feel free to take on any ideas that are presented, and give them your own special touch. I’m really looking forward to sharing these tutorials with you, and seeing all of your gorgeous creations as well.

I’m what you’d call a ‘girly girl’ and I absolutely LOVE florals and pink! Now I realise that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So if you can get past all the prettiness, I promise you’ll find some tips and ideas you can use with your own favourite colour scheme or fabric.

And one last thing before we begin; I’m sewing in Australia and it seems that the terminology can really differ from continent to continent. So I’ll try and make this as user friendly as I know how. But if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

So without further ado, let’s begin! Today’s tutorial is a bit of a warm up. Something simple and fun, and quick to whip up. Yes, I’m talking about the humble and ever-practical pillowcase.

There are a lot of tutorials out there for making pillowcases. And everyone has a favourite method. But I like to keep things as simple as possible. I like tutorials to be easy to follow and simple for those who are new to sewing.

I like to use up fabrics, trims, and notions from my stash. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a whole hoard of goodies to choose from! So for this project, I chose a pretty floral quilter’s cotton for my pillowcase fabric and a coordinating cuff from polka dots. Sheeting, poly cottons and poplins are probably more ideal fabrics for bedding (especially for faces to rest against). But I couldn’t resist the roses! I’m sure my daughter won’t mind. I also discovered some pretty lace, ric rac and braid that worked together well. You could use ribbon too.


I’ve written this tutorial for a pillowcase based on the standard USA size of 20” x 26”. However the tutorial is easily adjustable to fit other sized pillows or cushions.


- fabric for the pillowcase and coordinating fabric for the cuff. Cut these to size using a cutting mat, cutting guide (ruler) and rotary cutter (or a big flat surface and a measuring tape). The dimensions are as follows;

Pillowcase top – 21 inches of fabric length x 23 inches of fabric width

Pillowcase back – 21 inches of fabric length x 31 inches of fabric width

Pillowcase cuff (from coordinating fabric) – 21 inches of fabric length x 9 inches of fabric width.

- 21 inches of trims like lace, ric rac, and braids that work well together.

- scissors

- sewing machine and overlocker (serger)

- iron and ironing board



First we’ll attach the lace and cuff to the width of the pillowcase top. Take your cuff piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthways with wrong sides together. Give it a good press.


Lay your piece of lace right side up, on the right side (width) of the pillowcase top. Take your cuff and lay it carefully over the lace so that the fold faces the base of your fabric.


Pin all four layers together (base fabric, lace, and two cuff layers). 

Stitch the layers together. I used my four-thread overlocker (serger), which creates a straight seam stitch, as well as finishing the edges at the same time. You can also stitch the layers together on your sewing machine first. Then finish the seam with your overlocker (serger) or with a zig zag stitch afterwards. Be sure to use a smaller seam allowance, no more than 3/8”. And be sure not to stitch over your pins, but remove them as you go.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

Press your seam towards the body of the pillowcase so that it rests under the lace (be very careful with your iron heat settings if your lace or trims are polyester based).

Flip it over and gently press the lace down flat (use a press cloth if necessary).

Lay out your trims to decide the best way to pin and stitch them.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

I pinned my ric rac over the seam line first.

Then I pinned my braid in place.

Using complementary threads, stitch down your braid with the sewing machine. Use a stitch length suitable for the project. If it’s too small, it may create puckering through your layers. I stitched the right side first, then the left. I used my clear sewing machine foot (sometimes called an appliqué foot), so that it was easier to see what I was doing. And I used the foot edge as a stitching guide for straighter seams.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

When you’ve finished, your pillowcase top should look like this.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial


First we’ll need to hem one edge of the fabric width. This will form part of the fold that we tuck our pillow into.

Take your pillowcase back piece and press over a 3/8” fold on one side of the width of the fabric.

Fold it over the same again and press flat.

Pin the hem down for easier stitching and use a straight stitch on your machine to hem the fabric. Be sure your threads (especially your bobbin) are coordinating colours! At this stage, I like to sew a care tag in the seam.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

Give everything a quick press and we’re ready to put it all together.


Lay your pillowcase base ‘face up’ on a flat surface. Lay your pillowcase top ‘face down’ over the base piece (so right sides are facing together). Be sure to match up the left hand edges. The right side will have an overhang. Pin the top, bottom and left hand edges together neatly.

On the right hand side (or opening of your pillowcase), the base piece will have a large overhang (about 12cm or 5”). Take that piece and fold it over the edge of the pillowcase top, so that you are covering the cuff.

Pin the sides of the overhang down (by replacing any pins you’ve used to pin the pieces together underneath). At this point, make sure that your folded fabric sits exactly over your decorative cuff underneath and that there is no gap.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

Using your sewing machine, stitch together the seams on three sides. Start at the top right of your pillowcase (we’re stitching the fold down here too).

Continue down this seam, pivot about 3/8” from the base, stitch again, pivot again at the next corner, and then stitch up until you reach the other end of the fold. I used a smaller stitch length at this point and a 3/8” seam allowance. Overlock (or serge) your edges, to give a neat finish. Here’s a close up image.

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

We’re almost there. Fold back the overhang and flip the pillowcase right way out. Give your seams a gentle press. Check your iron temperature and don’t forget to be careful of your trims!

Molly and Mama - Girly Pillowcase Tutorial

Pop in your favourite pillow and you’re ready to go!

Pretty Pillowcase tutorial by Molly and Mama


How simple was that? And how pretty does it look?


- The direction of the pattern or print on your fabric. You don’t want your pillowcase fabric to be upside down when it’s displayed on the bed. So be sure if it’s a directional pattern, to cut it and sew it right way up.

- Where the bed is positioned in the bedroom will affect where you would like the pillowcase’s decorative edge to be. My daughter’s bed is against a left wall, so I want the decorative edge to be on the right hand side of the pillowcase.

- Laces, braids and ric racs may all have a polyester content so be very careful when ironing your trims down. Use a press cloth (or scrap of quilter’s weight cotton) if necessary.

- Add other adornments like applique to really give your project a personal feel. You can learn how to applique HERE, and you can see all the available Molly and Mama PDF applique templates HERE.

And if you’ve gotten this far, thanks for staying with me! I hope you’ve gotten something useful from the tutorial. I have another pillowcase tutorial which you may also enjoy HERE.

Embroider a Pillowcase - a tutorial by Molly and Mama

You can also see this tutorial on Sew McCool along with some other great projects. Pop over there for more ideas. My Girl’s Bedroom Pinterest Board has some pretty inspiration. And feel free to share your work on the Molly and Mama facebook page!

I’m really looking forward to bringing you our next instalment. So stay tuned.

Happy stitching, Lauren x

This post was written by Lauren Wright of Molly and Mama http://www.MollyandMama.wordpress.com

50% off Molly and Mama PDF patterns

50% OFF Molly and Mama PDF Patterns!

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I have some adorable PDF Applique Templates for raw-edge fabric applique. Simply make a purchase, and you’ll receive a link to save the PDF patterns directly to your computer. Then you can print them out at home, to use whenever you like! Betty Babushka Applique Pattern by Molly and Mama

Beatrice Bunny Rabbit PDF Applique Template by Molly and Mama

'Doll Face' Applique Template by Molly and Mama

My favourite Miss Molly Pin Cushion Pattern is a best-seller!

Miss Molly Pin Cushion Pattern by Molly and Mama

Make sure you follow the store so that you can see when new patterns are added.

Right now I’m working on this cloud pin cushion pattern, and also a cloud applique template. Plus many more!

Sleepy Cloud Pin Cushion from Molly and Mama

What makes my patterns different? When you purchase a Molly and Mama pattern, you get step by step instructions with lots of photos to help you along the way. My patterns are perfect for beginners. I break down the sewing jargon into terms that new sewers can readily understand and experienced sewers can really appreciate. The instructions and images for each pattern are tailored to that specific project. There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach! Try one. I’m sure you’ll love it!

You can sew items made from the patterns for yourself, your family and friends, and even for your ‘cottage industry’ small business. Selling via Etsy or other online platforms? No problem. Just credit Molly and Mama in any online descriptions. Super easy.

Just pop by the STORE and use the code word Spring at the check out.

So why am I having such a huge sale? This is not something that happens often! But I really wanted to thank my followers and supporters. I get such a kick out of knowing that you’re reading the BLOG, following on FACEBOOK, pinning my  tutorials on PINTEREST and sewing up my PATTERNS. Thank you for supporting my Australian handmade business, and allowing me to continue sharing my creations and designs! Stay tuned for some exciting new projects coming soon!

And if you purchase a pattern, be sure to share your creations. Send me an email, use the Contact tab, or post a photo on the Molly and Mama Facebook page. I’d love to feature your work on the blog!

(The sale will finish at midnight on the 8th October – Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Happy stitching, Lauren x

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Laundry Day by Molly and Mama

Laundry Day

Yesterday was the kind of blustery, billowy day that gets your washing dry in no time. And hanging sheets on the washing line in Spring is glorious! Our washing line is surrounded by garden beds, and at this time of year the sweet peas, alyssum, poppies and jasmine all look and smell divine. And don’t even get me started on the strawberries and blueberries. There’s something wonderful about collecting the washing and picking a few blooms or some fresh berries at the same time!

So after changing the bed sheets yesterday, the weather and the garden inspired me to get creative. I made a beautiful Pinterest board titled Laundry Day and added some divinely inspiring images. I love Pinterest for that! The board will continue to grow with pretty ideas and inspiration (along with all the rest of them).

Then I grabbed a notebook and penned a quick sketch that really captured my feelings about laundry day. I only wish all my washing would fit on a pretty line between two trees!

'Washing Day' - a free embroidery pattern from Molly and Mama

I realised the sketch would make a pretty embroidery, so I’ll be adding this project to my ever-increasing ‘to do’ list. And I hope to create a tutorial about it too. If you manage to complete it before me, I’d LOVE to see your work. Perhaps I could feature it on the blog? Please email me a photo or share it on the Molly and Mama facebook page.

Feel free to download the embroidery pattern HERE. It’s a freebie from me to you, for personal use only.

Happy stitching, Lauren x

This post was written by Lauren Wright and appeared first on http://www.MollyandMama.wordpress.com

A fairy cake by Molly and Mama

Making a Fairy Birthday Cake

Does anyone else have a little miss who is obsessed with all things ‘fairy’? I think it’s a prerequisite of girlhood. My daughter just turned five. She spent the last few months deciding which birthday cake she wanted (and then changing her mind on a weekly basis). I loved hearing all of her ideas and suggestions. But was secretly hoping she’d settle on just one!

I used to love looking through cake decorating books as a child, finding ideas and inspiration for my mum. Aren’t we lucky these days that we have Pinterest? My daughter was spoilt for choice! In the end she couldn’t decide. I promised to put something together for her that was very pretty, girly and ‘fairy like’.

Being a bit crafty, it’s no surprise that I love decorating cakes as well. I’m by no means an expert, but it’s something I enjoy, and the kids really seem to love their cakes. And that’s the main thing isn’t it? Here’s how I put this one together. And it only took a few hours from beginning to end.

A fairy cake fit for a princess - by Molly and Mama

I baked a basic vanilla cake and added pink food colouring to tint it pink. While it was cooking, I coloured some fondant with different shades of pink and made some toadstools, butterflies and flowers. I have a cute flower punch that makes it so easy!

Detail of a fairy cake by Molly and Mama

Using thick green-tinted buttercream, I iced the cake all over. Then using a Wilton hair / grass icing tip in my piping bag, I created the ‘grass’ all over the cake. I placed a resin fairy figurine in the centre and surrounded her with toadstools. I also added a few toadstools around the base of the cake. Then it was just a matter of placing my homemade fondant flowers and butterflies, along with a few store-bought royal icing flowers, all over the cake.

The back of a fairy cake made by Molly and Mama

In truth, the cake would have been more elegant without the excess of flowers. But I’m not known for elegance or restraint! I think it looks fun? And it’s made with my favourite colours – pink and green!

I also made some toadstools for the party, by using white chocolate to ‘glue’ two marshmallows together on a lollypop stick. Then I dipped the tops in white chocolate and sprinkled with 100’s & 1000’s. So cute! And this is a much quicker and easier alternative to making cake pops.

marshmallow and chocolate toadstool pops by Molly and Mama

The fairy food was a huge hit at my daughter’s ‘fairy disco’ party! I may not be a food photographer but you get the idea anyway. You can see some more ideas on my Fairy Party Pinterest Board here too.

Now we’re already thinking about next year’s birthday cake and theme. What has been your favourite birthday party theme or creation?

This post was written by Lauren Wright and appeared first on http://www.MollyandMama.wordpress.com

Spring is Almost Here!

Can it really be almost a month since my last post? Oh, that’s shameful! There have been lots of changes and happenings around here and the time has just flown by. But my brain has been dreaming of Spring and hatching up new ideas!

It’s slowly getting warmer here. There are buds on the trees and the flowers are starting to bloom. I have little bunches of sweet peas and jasmine all over the house. And I can finally see a tinge of green in our frost-bitten lawn. It won’t be long before Winter is a distant memory! To help bring on the inspiration of Spring, I’ve been working on some lovely felt projects.

Spring Posy Pin Cushion by Molly and Mama

This adorable ‘Spring Posy’ pin cushion features in Issue 14 of Bespoke Magazine. I’ve included step-by-step instructions (with lots of photos) in the tutorial. If you’d like to create one, you can pick up a print or digital copy HERE. And then download the free template HERE. The Spring edition of this magazine is all about embellishment and adornment. And all the pages are filled with florals and blooms. So pretty! This project really got me inspired for my next tutorial!

I have been working on a sweet felt floral wreath or crown. I can’t wait to show you photos of it on a model!  And I’m really looking forward to sharing some tips with you so that you can create your very own!

Spring Felt Flower Crown by Molly and Mama

If you’d like to read more about using felt, I have a great little post about my love of wool felt and why it’s such a great medium. It’s so easy to work with! You can find more felt inspiration on my pinterest board here too!

Don’t forget to pop by the Molly and Mama facebook page, so that you don’t miss out on all the daily happenings. Come on Spring!

Thanks for being here, Lauren x